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Herb Preserve: 420's Finest, Rated Number One Stash for Preserving Nugs and Herbs

Herb Preserve is the leading purveyor of the World’s Finest Herb Accessories, specializing in stash jars for herb connoisseurs and a strong emphasis on first class customer service.

Herb Preserve’s 420 medicinal stash jars are globally held to preserve herbs over six months. Our pigmented 420 medicinal glass stash containers come in eight different herb capacities (gram, 2 gram, eighth, preroll, half ounce, ounce, quarter pound, and half pound) and are made of extremely durable, premium glass imported from Europe. The glass stash jars are specially coated to block out all visible light, while still permitting beneficial rays to get through. They are airtight and smellproof, and best of all, these 420 Egyptian inspired jars preserve herbs so well they come out looking, feeling, smelling and tasting like they did when they went in.

We GUARANTEE you will love our medicinal 420 stash jars, or your money-back. They will preserve your herbs for six months. Just keep the premium lids tightly closed as often as possible. See photos from the real scientific lab test examples above on our home page. Or visit our Science page to read more.

The black and gold labels of these 420 stash containers are Egyptian-themed, waterproof, and discreet. They age as incredibly well as the herbs inside and acquire a distinct vintage appeal over time.

We take our business seriously and try to enhance the shopping experience as much as possible by offering affordable shipping (it’s FREE if you spend over $75), hand-packaging every item, shipping them out promptly, shipping USPS Priority 2-Day 90% of the time, and providing delivery confirmation numbers.

Take a step up in class and performance. Experience the miracle of Herb Preserve. Treat your herb right. Buy Herb Preserve stash jars for your herb today. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Preserve your herbs to stand the test of time like the ancient Egyptian kings.

Buy today through October 30th to take advantage of some royal promotions we are running. Spend over $25, and you will receive a free LA Confidential gram jar. Spend a subtotal of $50 and get a free White Widow eighth jar with your order (automatically included, no need to enter a code). Spend $75, get FREE Shipping! And spend $120, and enter code FALL to save 10% on your order

So again, code BIGSALE saves you 15% on orders over $120!

Not convinced? Here are some real, objective customer reviews and testimonials:

Objective Reviews from Real Herb Preserve Stash Jar Customers

“Your jars rock! Thank you Herb Preserve!!! The jars work just as advertised. I have found that they really do keep my herbs fresh and moist over a very long period. They work so much better than anything else I have found over the many years of looking. I will absolutely recommend these to any of my friends and family!! They hold a lot more than suggested by their names!” – Jeffrey R., Hesperia, CA

“Great, fast shipment and the product is of very high quality. I am sure they will do better than anything I can find at a local store. I have not seen anything like this local. Most stuff you can buy at big box stores is junk and although I was worried about ordering online it turned out to be the right decision. Would definitely buy from them again.” - John, Michigan

“I purchased your L.A. confidential jar about a week ago and love it! So first off I would like to thank you for such a great product you have created. I think you make a superior product and will be using your jars to help our patients. Thank you for what your company does.” Jeff M., Arizona

“The jar keeps my nugs dank. It’s legitimately smellproof and super cute. These are the best weed jars for medicinal storage in 420 history! Why would anyone use another jar?” Jordania M., Venice, CA

“:) i think your jars are freakin amazing and i will deff be spreading the word over here in nyc. i even started a thread about how official it is on (a forum).” Bobby U, NYC

As a final piece of assurance, we’d like to proudly share that our average merchant rating from buyers who use Google Checkout is the highest possible 5.0/5.0, and we’ve NEVER received a refund request.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you’ll buy today and spread the word to your friends!

-Herb Preserve

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