We Have The Science To Keep Your Herb Fresh

The instant herbs are exposed to unfiltered light, the decaying process begins. The potency and quality of your herb is degrading as you read this if you don't already use Herb Preserve jars. This is supported by extensive biophotonic research, which is the study of life and light. Herbs can become dry and impotent in a matter of hours.

Herb Preserve herb jars can actually slow down the decaying process while maintaining and rejuvenating the freshness of your herb. What sets our ultraviolet pigmented glass apart from all the other jars used in the industry is that they block out all harmful visible light rays while selectively permitting beneficial infrared and UV-A rays. These rays are necessary to protect organic matter from the aging and decaying processes, which explains why the tomato and chives lab test results (look below) were still as fresh as the day they were put in the container after months.

Simply put, our jars are insurance against your herbs' potency, taste, and smell fading. That’s what makes Herb Preserve herb jars the world’s best!


7 Month Tomato Test

This is a lab test between an Herb Preserve all glass apothecary jar and clear glass equivalent. The tomato in the clear glass had mold and microbiological growth while Herb Preserve's tomato showed no loss of color or sign of drying out. Imagine the difference it can make for your herb.

2 Month Chive Test

This is a lab test comparing (from L to R) Herb Preserve ultraviolet screwtop jar, amber, and clear glass jars effectiveness at storing chives. Herb Preserve clearly out-performed the other jars by keeping it green and fresh. Chives are among the most fragile and easily perishable herbs you can find at a grocery store. Much like your herbal medicine, improper protection against visible light, as seen in the amber and clear glass, will lead to a fast decomposition and degradation of the potency of your herbs.

Herb Preserve versus Common Jar Types

Herb Preserve's special pigmented glass is thicker and more durable than your standard glass; it is smell-proof and visually discreet. Furthermore, all of our jar lid systems, the screwtop and glass-on-glass lid, are completely airtight. Your herb is totally protected, preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago- preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs. The integrity of your herb is guaranteed to be protected for over 6 months when you use our jars!

Now You Know The Science