Real Herb Preserve Customer Reviews!

Here's a link to a page of Google Checkout reviews left by real customers. 18 out of 20 people to have left a review gave us 5 stars out of 5, while the other 2 gave us 4 stars. **Herb Preserve Google Checkout Reviews**

The following are additional real reviews of Herb Preserve nug jars, emailed to us by real customers. Find out what people think, from the mouth of unbiased shoppers like yourself. And once you place an order, be sure to send us an email letting us know how the jars are working out for you. :) 


"Herbpreserve- thank you for a the great service you guys always give,  love the freebees you guys send out,  great packaging!

thanks again,
"These are the best jars ever, I
Use them for kitchen stuff like truffles and saffron. I also have some of my finer herbs in my jars! I love them, the best Christmas gifts ever. Thanks!

"I didnt receive my jars yet because they only shipped today but I can write your review already.  My friend brad showed me the jars and I knew right away they're probably the best jars I'll ever find I love the style and look and most of all the quality. Thanks for making such a great and fresh product. I'll be purchasing alot more soon" - Daniel
"These jars are outstanding!  My herbs stay fresh just as advertised and work great!  Love it!
Adam "

"Thank You your stash jars ROCK and the little two gram one is really cool. Dont get the part about the lid and cup.
-Rodney from OR."
 "About a month ago I purchased 2 jars from you guys - LOVE THEM. I'm going to buy the same combo again in about a week"
- Eric


"thanks so very much. i really appreciate it :) i have ordered from you in the past so i know i love them already :) im excited to see the new skunk n doobie tube. thanks again. i really appreciate it - Elizabeth" 
"Im exited to get my Himalayan jar, these look very well made and a great concept as well, thanks again.


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