How much is shipping?


We offer affordable domestic flat-rate USPS shipping options (excluding international packages, read below for more details).

Orders Under $7.50: $3 

$7.50- $25.00: $5

$25.01-$50: $8

$50.01- $74.99: $10

$75 and greater: FREE


For all domestic shipping, we ship via USPS First Class, or 2- Day Priority, whichever comes out to be a lower rate for your order. We try our best to reduce shipping costs and will happily combine orders, when possible.


International orders ship via International First Class or Priority Mail, rates and delivery time vary by destination. If you would like to know the exact shipping price before purchase, please enter all the information needed on the SECOND page of checkout, proceed onto the third page, and the shipping cost will appear BEFORE your payment information is needed. 


~ We now offer U.P.S shipping options. Rates will adjust accordingly to size of order and selected delivery time. This shipping option is available on the THIRD page of checkout. 


How long will it take to get my order?

All orders are processed within 24 hours, and orders placed before 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time ship the same day (except Saturday and Sunday). Delivery takes about 2 to 5 business days. 

Once your order is shipped out, you will receive an email providing a USPS tracking confirmation number and shipment status of your package. 

How is the package marked?

All orders are sent in an unmarked box and will have "H.P.J Co". on the return address label with no other reference. Please indicate in your order (in the special comment box during the first page of checkout) if you prefer a more obscure name on the the return label.

I haven’t received my order – how do I check the status?

Remember, it can take up to a week to receive your shipment (international orders will vary according to destination). Once your order is shipped out, you will receive a separate email providing the USPS shipment status and tracking number. If you have any trouble give us a call or email us at sales@herbpreserve.com and we’ll take care of it for you.


I provided the wrong shipping address and have not received my package yet, what should I do?

First, please notify us about your situation via email at sales@herbpreserve.com. We will work closely with you to resolve the problem and track your package to see if it was returned to our warehouse. Orders refused or returned from shipping address error will be charged a reshipment fee for your package to be shipped out again. If you have changed your mind and no longer wish to have the item, there will be a 20% restocking fee with shipping &handling fee subtracted from your total refund (this ONLY applies in the case of wrong-shipment- address return).



Do you charge tax?

Yes, we charge California sales tax.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Discover credit card payments, and you can now purchase individual items through Google Checkout/Wallet.

Do you take orders over the phone or through the mail?

At this time all orders must be placed through our website, if you are experiencing any problems please call us or email at sales@herbpreserve.com and we’ll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How does the charge appear on my credit card statement?

Starting September 16th, 2012, we will provide discreet billing on all orders. The transaction will appear on your credit card as "H.P JARS"

Are you running any specials or promotions?

Of course Yes! We currently have 4 special offers that you can combine for maximum savings (only available for PER order):


Deal 1: 

Spend *$25, get a free jar # 1**, 1 gram herb capacity jar! A $10 value!

Deal 2:

Spend *$50, also earn a free #2**, 1/8th oz herb capacity jar, too!  A $25 value!


Deal 3:

Spend *$75 or more, earn free jar # 1**, # 2**, and automatically receive FREE shipping and handling! (Only applicable for domestic shipping, within United States)

Deal 4:

Spend *$120 and receive 15% discount using current coupon code on our homepage banner, free jar #1**, jar # 2**, and automatically receive FREE SHIPPING!


* SUBTOTAL: your total after coupon discount and excluding shipping and applicable sales tax

** Automatically included in order. No coupon code required. Will not show in cart but will be properly labeled in package



With Herb Preserve, your satisfaction is guaranteed for all purchases made directly on our official site (third party or retail store purchases excluded). If you would like to return your order for a refund, you must notify us via email or phone about your return. A sales representative will provide a mailing address, return identification (ID) number, and important instructions on how to re-package the order. All returned orders must be shipped back to our warehouse within 30 days of receiving the order.

Returned orders MUST have a return ID number. Orders returned without assigned ID number will not be accepted. Please contact us for a returning address and instructions. 

Once all items are returned in good condition, you will receive a refund of the order minus shipping and handling. If your order qualified for free shipping and handling during purchase, a restocking fee of 15% will be deducted from the refund instead.

All orders are shipped securely, and- as of this writing- we have NEVER had a customer report being unsatisfied with their jars. Shop with confidence.



What’s the largest jar you sell?

Our 2L Apothecary Jar can hold over 4oz of herb, and our second largest jar, the 1L Apothecary Jar, can carry up to 2 oz of dried herbs. These glass containers seals tight and has a glass-on-glass seal. The hand-fitted lid provides an airtight seal for the best long-term bulk storage.

Why should I use Herb Preserve jars?

Herb Preserve™ jars are the premium solution for quality herb storage and travel. Our signature Egyptian Glass line is made of quality deep purple glass and are sanitized and treated with a dual coating process. The unique pigment filters out harmful natural light that accelerates decay, allowing UV-A and Infrared through, which preserves the bio-energy and potency of your herb. Please visit our Research page for further information.

How can I purchase a replacement lid?

If you loose your lid, please email us at sales@herbpreserve.com. Please specify which jar size you have in the email. Soon purchases will be available on our website. Replacement lids start at $2.00 (except the Apothecary's lid, please contact us for price quote).

How can I order with Herb Preserve official sticker not on the jars? 

No problem, we will gladly do what you wish. Please indicate that you want the stickers on the side in the "special instruction" box on the first page of checkout. Herb Preserve official jar stickers are custom designed and drawn by a well-known Los Angeles based artist. This one of a kind art  design has a variety of hidden Egyptian symbols and messages in mind. 

What are the care/cleaning instructions?

The Egyptian Line glass jars can be cleaned with mild soap and water or wiped with alcohol. Let dry before using. Violet glass is 100% recyclable. Herb Preserve jars are made to last a lifetime, but if you do get a crack or break the jar, discontinue use immediately.


 How do I open and close the apothecary jars? 

The apothecary has a natural airtight glass-on-glass seal, please be gentle when you are closing and opening this jar.


ROCK the glass lid back and forth (do not twist) and when loose, pull out lid.



Insert the lid, slightly push down, and gently TWIST it clockwise.


How can I open my Apothecary jar if it feels locked?

This is the ONLY time that you should TWIST the lid COUNTER CLOCKWISE to open the jar. 

TWIST the lid COUNTERCLOCKWISE until loosen, you might here a loud scratching sound which indicates that the glass is rubbing against each other. Try to prevent this from ever occurring again as this will quickly wear out the apothecary jar due to improper usage.



 Privacy Policy

Herb Preserve takes your privacy seriously. We collect simple Google Analytics and conversion data that tells us how you arrived on our site, and what pages you visit. We also collect your email and contact information when you choose to place an order. We use this information to update you on the status of an order and occasionally follow up to survey usage experience in a constant effort to improve our products in the future. We will not distribute your personal information to outside parties without your consent.

Why Herb Preserve?

Herb degrades quickly. Our jars are airtight, smell-proof, and block out all light. Our jars are unique and best in the market. Simply put, they're the world's best jars, hands down.  Preserve your herb for 6 months or more!