The Apothecary Collection Includes 4 Glass-on-Glass Jars

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Our apothecary jars are uniquely designed to embrace the antique style of old medicine jars while standing out in today's market for their attention to detail, futuristic performance, class, and unforgettable elegant style. Airtight glass-on-glass lids, thick premium ultraviolet glass optimized to block out visible light yet permit herb enhancing UV-A and UV-B rays, and stunning classic curved apothecary shapes that stand out in a market filled with cheap, failing clear plastic and glass. Check out the science and astounding lab performance of our glass compared to others on our SCIENCE page.

We've made a package of our popular line of apothecary for those that demand the best-of-the-best and have a lot of valuable herbs to preserve or want to concoct medicinal herbal tinctures like the apothecary from ancient times. All the apothecary jars have a lid design with dual functionality: as a lid and a serving glass cup.

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In this package you'll receive:

- 1 Louis XIII  2 Liter Apothecary Jar (4-8 ounce capacity)

- 1 Sensi Star Apothecary Stash Jar (2-4 ounce capacity)

- 1 Purple Kush Apothecary Jar (1 ounce capacity)

- 1 New Edition: 250ml Mary Jane Apothecary Jar  (1/2 ounce capacity)

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