Pack Specifications:

  • Total Amount: 1 apothecary and 4 screwtops
  • Capacity: Ranges from 1 Gram to 2 Oz. Dried Herbs





    Epic Gift Pack: Save Big! Only $14 per jar!

    • $114.00 Was: $159.00
    • 28% OFF!

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    Enterprising shoppers will notice that the cumulative prices of these jars add up to $19 more than the total price of this package. When you factor in the two free jars you'll also receive for spending more than $25 and $50 (Deals 1 and 2), the average price of each jar comes out to just over $14. And yet you're receiving all but one of our most premium jars. And we're shipping it for FREE (U.S Domestic Shipping Only), so you literally end up saving about $65!


    This limited time gift pack includes ONE the following jars: 2 oz capacity all glass apothecary jar, 1 oz capacity screw-top jar, 1/2 oz capacity screw top jar, quarter ounce capacity screw-top jar, and 1 gram capacity screw top jar.


    + PLUS 2 FREE JARS from Deal # 1 and Deal # 2 (one 1 gram capacity screw top jar and one eighth ounce capacity jar), restrictions apply, look at site's top banner for more details.

    • Collect all 5 jar sizes varying from 1 gram to 2 Oz. capacity
    • Scientifically Proven to Extend the Freshness and Potency of Your Herbs For 6 Months or Longer
    • Blocks Out Light, Airtight, and Smell-Proof. Optimum Performance
    • Insurance Against Your Herb's Potency, Taste, and Smell Fading 
    • Premium Eco-Friendly, European-Made, Durable Lab-Tested Glass. LOCKS IN Freshness and Fragrance
    • Unique Artist-Designed Jar Hides Contents, Very Discreet
    • Modern screw on lid is made out of heavy duty BPA-Free plastic. Apothecary lid has glass-on-glass technology 
    • HASSLE-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please notify us and return your Herb Preserve jar(s) for a no-questions asked refund (minus 15% restocking fee)

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