"Himalayan Gold" Pre-Roll Jar Holds 12+ Pre-Rolls

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Are you one of those old school 420 smokers who believes herbs are meant to be rolled and smoked? Would you roll one up more often if you had a safe way to store and transport them on-the-go without having to worry about them getting mushed or bent?

Put us in the latter category, which is why we've come out with our new pre-roll jar. 

We use it when we want to bike ride to the beach for a sunset smoke. We'll usually roll up a handful at a time and know that they'll stay fresh and safe for as long as they're stashed in this jar... up to six months if needed.

At a shade under 3-7/8th inches/ 9.8 cm, our Pre-Roll Jar is long enough to accommodate most rolling papers (which typically range from 2.75 to 3 inches). The capacity depends on how fat you roll them, but people who have used them report that they've been able to fit roughly a dozen cigarettes and rolled up herbs inside.

This jar can also hold up to a quad of dried herbs if you happen to run out of pre-rolls!



* Dimensions: Height 10.1 cm, Diameter 4.4 cm,  opening of mouth diameter 3.2 cm 

* Holds over 12 pre-roll cigarettes  Or a quad of dried herbs, perfect for traveling

* Scientifically Proven to Extend the Freshness and Potency of Your Stash For 6 Months or Longer

Blocks Out Light, Airtight, and Smell-Proof. Optimum Performance. 

* Insurance Against Your Herb’s High, Taste, and Smell Fading 

* Premium Eco-Friendly, Nearly Damage-Proof Lab-Tested Glass

Unique Artist-Designed Jar Hides Contents, Very Discreet 

* Modern Screw-Top made out of heavy duty Polyethylene terephthalate and foam liner LOCKS IN Freshness and Fragrance

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Herb Preserve: The World's Best 420 Herb Stash Jar

Herb Preserve Reviews:
Great, fast shipment and the product is of very high quality. I am sure they will do better than anything I can find at a local store. I have not seen anything like this local. Most stuff you can buy at big box stores is junk and although I was worried about ordering online it turned out to be the right decision. Would definitley buy from them again. - John, Michigan