"LA Confidential" Pocket Size Stash Concentrate Jar

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Our new " LA Confidential" jar meets the high demands from our customers for a stash and concentrate jar that can fit any small pocket or purse. Yes, this jar is small enough to fit in your palm and can hold up to 1 gram of herb or more for concentrate. It is half the height of a standard lighter and about the same size as a lip balm. It is a perfect traveling companion for going to 420 events or just to the party across the street. No doubt you will be traveling in style and have the dankest and freshest herb at the party! A bargain for just $10. You won't find it anywhere for less.

This one of a kind glass- once invented and utilized by ancient Egyptian in their mummification process- is now catered for the modern smokers to preserve their precious chronic herb! Our stash jars are made out of premium lab-tested glass which will efficiently extend the freshness and fragrance by 6 whole months (see our  Herb Preserve Science for lab research results that will blow your mind). For additional durability, our modern cap is made of polypropylene with a thick urethane liner that lock in the aroma of your happy buds. 

Shop with confidence, Herb Preserve has a perfect 5.0/5.0 merchant rating by our customers thanks to our industry leading customer service. See the bottom of this product description for the most recent review.


* Dimensions: Height 3 cm, Diameter 4.4 cm,  opening of mouth diameter 4.2 cm 

* Fits in your pocket or palm- hold up to 1 gram of herb or more for concentrate

* Scientifically Proven to Extend the Freshness and Potency of Your Nugs For 6 Months or Longer

* Blocks Out Light, Airtight, and Smell-Proof. Optimum Performance.

* Insurance Against Your Herb’s High, Taste, and Smell Fading 

* Premium Eco-Friendly, Nearly Damage-Proof Lab-Tested Glass

* Unique Artist-Designed Jar Hides Contents, Very Discreet 

* Modern lid cap is made of durable heavy duty Polyethylene terephthalate and foam liner  maintains freshness and fragrance 


Herb Preserve: The World's Best Herb Stash Jar

Herb Preserve Reviews:

Great, fast shipment and the product is of very high quality. I am sure they will do better than anything I can find at a local store. I have not seen anything like this local. Most stuff you can buy at big box stores is junk and although I was worried about ordering online it turned out to be the right decision. Would definitley buy from them again.
- John, Michigan