"White Widow" Nug Stash Jar Holds Over an Eighth

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25% OFF! Our 1/8 ounce capacity “White Widow” Jar is perfect for the casual old-school stoner. $15

The resistant 50 ml holds 1/8th and can easily fit in your pocket or purse. This unique size is great for a small stash and light travel. This container makes an exceptional pairing with one of our larger storage jars. 

This one of a kind glass- once invented and utilized by ancient Egyptian civilization- is now catered for the modern yet humble stoners to preserve their precious chronic herb! Our glass jars are made out of premium lab-tested glass which will efficiently extend the freshness and fragrance by 6 whole months (see our  Herb Preserve Science for lab research results that will blow your mind). For additional durability, our modern cap is made of polypropylene with a thick urethane liner that preserves the aroma of your happy buds.

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* Dimensions: Height 5 cm, Diameter 5.4 cm,  opening of mouth diameter 5.2 cm 

* Holds 1/8 ounce of herb or more

* Scientifically Proven to Extend the Freshness and Potency of Your Stash For 6 Months or Longer

Blocks Out Light, Airtight, and Smell-Proof. Optimum Performance. 

* Insurance Against Your Herb’s High, Taste, and Smell Fading 

* Premium Eco-Friendly, Nearly Damage-Proof Lab-Tested Glass

Unique Artist-Designed Jar Hides Contents, Very Discreet 

* Pigmented Ultraviolet Glass Jar That Maintains Freshness and Fragrance

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Herb Preserve: The World's Best 420 Herb Stash Jar 


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