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Tips to Preserve the Freshness of Your Stash



There are a lot of common myths out there about how to keep your nugs fresh. We're going to address those and answer the most common questions we receive from customers.

Common Question 1) Should I freeze my herb to keep it fresh?

No! Freezing your medical marijuana is a terrible idea and completely idea. It damages the THC of the buds and affects the texture when your herb thaws out. Do not freeze your bud! Keep your nugs in our airtight stash jars and store them at room temperature. We have had thousands of customers and zero complaints about the effectiveness of our jars. The only customers who had issues were those who stored improperly dried herbs.

Conclusion: Never freeze, keep your nugs at room temperature.


Common Question 2) Does it matter if I order a jar much bigger than the desired quantity of herbs I want to store?

Some customers seem to believe that you shouldn't allow much room for air around your herbs. The truth is it doesn't matter. You can store a gram of nugs in a jar with one ounce capacity, and they'll still stay just as fresh as if you use a smaller jar. We recommend having a number of sizes for convenience sake. It's nice to have large jars for long-term storage as well as small jars for everyday use.

Conclusion: Don't worry about extra air in your jars. If you keep them closed as often as possible, your nugs will stay fresh.

Common Question 3) How do I tell if the jars I'm using are airtight?

The easiest way to tell if a jar is airtight is by closing it as tightly as possible and submerging it in water. If no water seeps through, then it's airtight. All Herb Preserve jars are airtight if closed tightly.

Conclusion: Submerge your jars in water. Rest assured, Herb Preserve's jars are airtight.

Common Question 4) What is the best weed jar for medical marijuana?

Conclusion: Herb Preserve ticks all the boxes. Airtight optimum protection at room temperature. Blocks out all visible light only allowing ultraviolet rays. And we guarantee our glass will keep your nugs fresh for over six months.


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Herb Preserve's Louis XIII - The Best Nug Jar in 420 History


Thick Ultraviolet Glass? Check.

Airtight Glass on Glass Seal? Check.

Over a Half Pound of Medical Marijuana Capacity? Easy.

Unique Apothecary Design? You'll not find this jar for sale anywhere else.

Preserves Herb More than Six Months? Some say 2 years!

If you or someone you know must have the best of the best for your nugs, then look no further. The style is ridiculous. When you crack this container open, you won't believe the smell (it's completely smellproof when shut). Your medical weed stays fresh over six months with no preservatives resulting in crisp green taste. It weighs about four pounds! And your lungs will feel the difference when you smoke it.

Quality you can see, smell, taste, feel, and inhale. The Louis XIII Apothecary Jar has it all.

The World's Best Stash Jar, now on sale for just $74. Click the picture to Buy It Now!

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Get Your Special Edition Super Skunk Apothecary Stash Jar Before They're All Gone!


For our hard-core fans and medical marijuana smokers who demand class and performance, but don't smoke a lot of herb, we've released a special edition 2 gram glass-on-glass apothecary stash jar, the Super Skunk.

This little guy is dressed to impress and will fit in small places including most pockets. Like all of our nug jars, it's airtight, smellproof, lightproof, and will preserve your medical grade weed over six months!

Do not delay there is a limited quantity of these medical marijuana containers left in existence and once they sell out, they will be gone forever! Guys, they make a great gift for the female stoner in your life and are a convenient and stylish pocketsize option for you, too. ;)

Make sure to check out our homepage to see our entire collection of the World's Best Stash Jars and be aware of any specials we are running as we always try to make our products affordable and offer perks to our customers.

As we always say, our jars are for legal use only, so please only use for marijuana if you are a legal patient in a state that allows medical marijuana use. Thank you for obeying local laws and using our jars for legal purposes only.


Check Out "Chocoloped." - A Cool, Regularly Updated Stoner Tumblr Blog

We just want to give a shout out & huge thanks, and rep a recent customer who seems to be loving our stash jars.

We came across the Tumblr blog Chocoloped. and are honored by all he has shared about our blogs.

Let's see... there is the day his latest order of jars arrived.

And a little Orange Crush from the club.

And a fat nug of Dutch Crunch.

We're happy to see medical marijuana patients benefiting from the glass! 

Keep it legal Herb Preserve customers. We love you all.  :)

Herb Preserve 8.5x11 Flyer - Ships Free With Every Order

Here's a flyer with information about and close-ups of the stash jars. The jars pictured are our four most popular, from left to right, the White Widow ($15), XXX OG ($20), Trainwreck ($24), and Sensi Star ($49).


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